How did I miss the signs?

I read blogs.  Lots of blogs.  I am a member of a Facebook forum that also posts a great many stories from lots of different bloggers.  Today, I was reading through some of the posts and one caught my eye.  It was entitled something like, I Should’ve Noticed When He was Writing at 2.  It made me think.

I remember when I enrolled our oldest in kinder.  I knew he was smart, but I didn’t think much of it.  I made sure his teacher knew he could read, but for some reason this wasn’t a huge flag either.

So, I read this blog about this mom with a son who was writing at 2-years old, and how she knew he was smart too, but it wasn’t until he picked up a pencil at 2-years old that she knew she had something more than just smart.

After reading the article, I went to our son’s baby book.  I have been pretty good about writing stuff down in there, which is surprising to me, but anyway…  In the baby book, I discovered a fact that I hadn’t paid much attention to before.  Our kiddo was spelling words at 38 months.  Back then, I remember being proud of him, but not thinking much of it, because they were everyday, environmental words, like STOP, GO, SLOW — things he saw all around town or in books.

Now, reading all these different blogs about giftedness, I realize my mistake.  Why didn’t I pick up on it?  Would it have made any difference if I had?  Maybe I could have started working with him on some of his “quirks” earlier, but other than that, I don’t think much would have changed.  He’s a brilliant boy with so much to say and so much love to give.  I’m focusing each day on trying to help him love life and learning.  What more can I do?

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“Home” school

Homeschooling can happen just about anywhere.  That’s one of the best things about it.  Here is one place I never thought we’d do any learning, except learning about how NOT to run a business or how to keep your cool in a frustrating situation.

“Home” schooling in the local COMCAST office.  Why?  Because we’ve had to spend a lot of time there over the last few weeks arguing with them about lots of things that I’m sure most adults reading this will completely understand.  20150917_092545 (1)

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The Little Guy Graduates

15august 11715august 12515august 14715august 152At least the full frown had dissipated by the end!  “Happy” Last Day of Preschool!

(The teachers predicted that he will discover a new star someday!  He thought that was crazy.)


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A Whole New Ball Game

Today, our oldest started an online class!  Yes, our 7-year old is taking an online class.  I can’t really believe it, although many of you may think I am antiquated.  To be fair, it is mostly listening and talking, so it’s more like auditing a class, but for him it is all new.  greekclass

I think he loves the newness.  I also think he loves the teacher already.  She is a mythologist and the class is about Greek Mythology.  He thinks it is awesome!  :)  So far, he really enjoyed interacting with the other kids through the text box, which is funny because he can’t type at all, but he really loved trying.  It will be his first time experiencing a class of kids who are all wired similarly to him.  I hope it challenges him, but also gives him a place to be himself.

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Just what we needed…

An amazing day with the kids on the Upper Colorado River!  PHOT0031.JPG PHOT0027.JPG

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So far this week…


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Sad Day

superollieToday has been a hard day for us.  Our beloved, Little Ollie, who was with us for over 12 years died today.  This was the first time my husband and I have ever really dealt with losing an animal (at least that we can remember).  Our Ollie was the sweetest, softest, most floppy-eared, tail-chaser ever.  He chased his tail every day of his life up until a few months ago!  There are so many things about him that we loved, but most of all we loved that he emanated pure joy.  2014September 4012012October 3042013august 2232014September 0482013october 0032014September 198

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A Special Time in an Indescribable Place

Grand Canyon 478

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Friday #175

2014new york 225

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Something I heard today

“He is full of love towards me even though I have had moments that I don’t deserve it.” ~someone else :)

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