Expectations and Exasperations

It’s so interesting how things happen.  My husband and I had a conversation last night about how sometimes we think we’re being too hard on the kids, asking them to do too much, but then it always turns out that they can do it — that they are capable – and they are often proud of themselves for doing it on their own.  Despite the obvious abilities of our kids, we still doubt ourselves, especially when they are fussing, crying or even screaming at us.

We’ve all seen charts and such that are “appropriate” chores for kids by age.  Personally, I really like those charts.  My husband is really into charts and graphs, and I make fun of him for it, but secretly, I love charts too — most especially ones that get my kids to do chores around the house!  :)

The charts help me, but mostly my kids show me what they are capable of on a daily basis.  Just the other day, I asked my oldest son to strip the sheets off the guest bed and put them in the washer.  A bit later, he came downstairs and I questioned him on what he’d accomplished.  He said he’d gotten everything in the washer and started it!  (He did forget the soap, but hey, that’s a really good start.)  I am not planning to start making my kids do their own laundry, but it is nice to know that on days when we are preparing for guests to stay overnight, he can help get the guest bedroom ready for their arrival.

Last night, during the conversation with my husband, I commented that I am so proud of the boys that they can both, at a young age, make their beds, get dressed, and put their pjs in the laundry all before they come down for breakfast.  And, they do this everyday WITHOUT any reminders!

So this morning, our oldest boy, comes down, without having done his chores (making bed, pjs in laundry and flushing toilet — not huge tasks).  I simply reminded him, and he absolutely freaked out.


Didn’t I just comments about how awesome he is at doing these things?

I totally jinxed myself.

But, either way, I am still sticking to my guns.  They can do it.  There is no reason why they shouldn’t.  I am really proud of what they are capable of.  (But, I am exasperated when tantrums erupt because of simple reminders.)

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Pure Joy



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How is that even possible?

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Lunar Eclipse/Sean’s Birthday!

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Fall 2015

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How did I miss the signs?

I read blogs.  Lots of blogs.  I am a member of a Facebook forum that also posts a great many stories from lots of different bloggers.  Today, I was reading through some of the posts and one caught my eye.  It was entitled something like, I Should’ve Noticed When He was Writing at 2.  It made me think.

I remember when I enrolled our oldest in kinder.  I knew he was smart, but I didn’t think much of it.  I made sure his teacher knew he could read, but for some reason this wasn’t a huge flag either.

So, I read this blog about this mom with a son who was writing at 2-years old, and how she knew he was smart too, but it wasn’t until he picked up a pencil at 2-years old that she knew she had something more than just smart.

After reading the article, I went to our son’s baby book.  I have been pretty good about writing stuff down in there, which is surprising to me, but anyway…  In the baby book, I discovered a fact that I hadn’t paid much attention to before.  Our kiddo was spelling words at 38 months.  Back then, I remember being proud of him, but not thinking much of it, because they were everyday, environmental words, like STOP, GO, SLOW — things he saw all around town or in books.

Now, reading all these different blogs about giftedness, I realize my mistake.  Why didn’t I pick up on it?  Would it have made any difference if I had?  Maybe I could have started working with him on some of his “quirks” earlier, but other than that, I don’t think much would have changed.  He’s a brilliant boy with so much to say and so much love to give.  I’m focusing each day on trying to help him love life and learning.  What more can I do?

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“Home” school

Homeschooling can happen just about anywhere.  That’s one of the best things about it.  Here is one place I never thought we’d do any learning, except learning about how NOT to run a business or how to keep your cool in a frustrating situation.

“Home” schooling in the local COMCAST office.  Why?  Because we’ve had to spend a lot of time there over the last few weeks arguing with them about lots of things that I’m sure most adults reading this will completely understand.  20150917_092545 (1)

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The Little Guy Graduates

15august 11715august 12515august 14715august 152At least the full frown had dissipated by the end!  “Happy” Last Day of Preschool!

(The teachers predicted that he will discover a new star someday!  He thought that was crazy.)


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