Am I the only one who feels the urge to dance when there is confirmation that the kids are asleep in the middle of the day?  :)

“Dance like no one is watching” (because they aren’t!)

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Uncertainty is a Good Thing

I knew what I wanted to be, pretty much, from the day I entered college.  Well, maybe it was in the first semester or so, but it didn’t take me long, that’s for sure.  I just can’t remember now, because I am old.  :)  It’s worked out just great for me, but that’s  not the point.

I’ve met some really cool people in my life.  After getting to know these people, often times they tell me that upon entering college they either had NO IDEA what they wanted to do, or they went in with one idea and came out with a degree in a totally different field, and now are working in a completely different field again.  This is something that is totally foreign to me, but exciting at the same time.  It’s definitely fueling my belief that I don’t actually want my boys to know what they want to be (when they grow up), but rather that they spend tons of money learning lots of things and trying lots of jobs!  Wow, that just sounds insane from a parental viewpoint!  But, in truth, I bet they’d be happier.

What do you think?

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Friday #164

2014December 082

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My kids are crazy healthy — knock on wood for me, will ya?  But really, they are.  We never go to the doctor.  It’s great.  I attribute most of it to genetics, but I believe in the essential oils that I use on them too.

Recently, Brian has been exhibiting possible allergies to orange peels, celery and maybe some kinds of spices.  The allergy is just eye itching for now.  But, after throwing out an allergy question to the world of Facebook, I was freaked out enough that I took him to a wholistic doctor who has helped me a lot with my allergies.  (Yes, what the doctor does is very different than what the Western world sees as normal, but it works, so…)

Anyway, after getting tested, our “super-healthy” kid is allergic to darn near everything!  Well, not on the surface, but there’s an ingredient in just about everything that he is allergic to.  Number one on his TOP 10 list was….

SUGAR, all kinds: fruit sugar, regular sugar, corn sugar, milk sugars — you name it, if it’s sweet, he’s sensitive to it.

I’m sure it will all be fine.  He was treated for his sensitivity.  But, the thought that he’s been sensitive to the majority of the foods he consumes really bothered me.  Fruit, bread, milk, cheese — what kid doesn’t love these things?

Thankfully, this allergy didn’t present itself in anyway that we could even notice, but it sure is a thing that makes you go hmmm?

Oh, and FYI, also on his TOP 10 list — Oranges and Celery!

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Friday #163

2014December 0492014December 038

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Those Other Moms

Since having my kids, I have developed a group of momma friends who all have kids in the same age range as my children.  We’ve been though the trials of having babies, toddlers, and we’ve lived to see the other side.  All of us have.  Seriously.  Not one of us lost our marbles.  No one has been committed.  Scouts honor.

But, now I am seeing a new generation of mommas.  I see them at the Santa stops.  I see them at the grocery store.  And, one of the places that I notice the most is seeing them out walking with their baby-filled strollers, while I am driving my kids to their piano lessons.

There is a part of me that longs for that “simpler” time.  The time when my life  was sleeping, eating, peeing, pooping and walking.  My life now has so much more, which is fantastic in a way.  I am witnessing both of my boys learning to read, skiing the blue runs, playing the piano and the ukulele, and I could go on and on.  It’s all amazing and wonderful.

Admittedly, there is part of me that wants to roll down the window, stick my head out and unload any great advice I might have about the child she’s pushing in that red jogging stroller — just like the one I had.  But, I don’t.  I won’t.   She will live through that simple, but difficult, baby stage, just the way all of us have.

And really, if I am completely honest, I don’t want to go back to that “simpler” time.  Yes, it was simpler, but it was also boring and monotonous.

But, if you are one of those new mommas, please don’t think I’m nuts when I look at you and smile.  It is just me remembering a sweet time in my life.

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Friday #162

2014november 0512014december 020

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All Over Again?

Now, we are faced with deciding how to proceed with our youngest’s Kindergarten year?

Do we proceed the same way we did for our oldest?  (That means going through the whole Kinder Lottery nonsense again!)

Do we just go ahead and start with homeschooling?

Just when you think things are all going smoothly…

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Snow pants

Putting the snow pants on each year is either a nice pat on the back that I’ve maintained my shape for another year or an annoying smack in the head that I haven’t!

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Skiing as a family


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